Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö - Krits

A nationwide non-governmental (NGO) non-profit aftercare organisation. The purpose of Krits is to improve the deprived status and living conditions of released prisoners and clients of community sanctions and their families in the society.

Krits strives to improve the position and performance in society of those sentenced to prison and of their families. KRITS develops after-care and improves services, influences criminal policy, promotes the interests of its target group and supports voluntary work. The aim of Krits is to accomplish a nationwide network of organisations producing support services in the field of after-care, and to participate in the co-ordination of the network and provision of resources.

Krits actively implements projects aiming to promote the provision of necessary services in the society and to improve the position of those committed to rehabilitation. Krits promotes after-care services by organising conferences and by participating in the operation of various co-operating bodies. Krits also grants assistance for various types of development projects in the after-care sector and voluntary work.

Krits protects the interests of its target group by actively influencing the development of legislation in the field and by launching various types of projects and research.


Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) in Finland

Traditionally non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have had a strong position in Finnish social and healthcare. NGOs have had a special national role in expertise, promoting well-being and providing services for vulnerable groups like disabled people, homeless, unemployed, alcoholics and drug abusers or released prisoners. Furthermore, they act as advocating agents and organize voluntary work. Particularly in the past NGOs could have been called as “charity organisations” but during the last decades more precise term for NGOs’ role is “communities for public good”. Read more!

Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö, Krits

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Managing Director
Sanna Sunikka
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