Free from Learning Difficulties

Krits has administered a project "Free from Learning Difficulties" 2007-2011. After the project this work became a permanent part of Krits's activities.

Firstly, the project has aimed to look into the learning difficulties prisoners have and to construct rehabilitation paths from the term of punishment to freedom.

The second aim has been to direct the attention of both the target persons as well as authorities and organisations to these problems.

And finally, the project has aimed to improve the target persons' understanding of their own learning difficulties.

The Free From Learning Disabilities Handbook

The handbook presents topics pertaining to learning and assists the reader in reflecting on their own learning disabilities. The handbook consists of themes concerning learning: learning disabilities, learning styles, memory, attention, self-esteem and learning and the relation of substance abuse and mental health problems to learning. Reflecting on matters related to one's own learning and discussing these increases knowledge of oneself and helps the understanding of one's own behaviour.
Open The Handbook! [pdf, 7 MB]
The English edition of the handobook is a part of The Grundtvig programme.

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