Roots of the Foundation

The roots of Krits and Probation Service are in the work of the Prisoner's Association, which focused exclusively on a helping mission. After the reorganization in August 2001, after-work originally included in the Probation Association's duties, was continued by Krits.
  • 1870 The Finnish Prisoner's Association
  • 1966 The Probation, registered association
  • 1975 The Public Probation Association
  • 2001 The Probation Service (in the Criminal Sanctions Agency)

Probation and Aftercare Association 1975-2001
  • a public corporation funded by the government
  • the enforcement of community sanctions
  • housing support
  • employment guidance
  • general guidance and financial support
  • during 1980’s the social and legislative development lead to the view that inmates’ aftercare is an obligation of municipalities
  • the aftercare system of Probation Association was gradually dissolved
  • increased emphasis on enforcement of community sanctions

KRITS 2001
  • the Probation and Aftercare Association was nationalized (Criminal Sanctions Agency)
  • almost whole emphasis on community sanctions
  • the municipalities are not capable of responding to the needs of released inmates
  • need for NGO after-care organisation remained
  • Krits founded as a foundation

The Krits House in Helsinki - early stage
The first step of the KRITS house in 1909

...and 100 years later...