Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders

The Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders (Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö) is a national expert organisation and service provider that promotes the coping and life management of people with criminal justice history and their loved ones.

We offer a wide range of services to people with criminal justice history, their families and the professionals who work with them.

What is our aim?

The purpose of our work is to ensure that our clients get the support they need, that their rights are fulfilled and that recidivism is reduced.

What we do?

The Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders

  • is a national advocacy organisation,
  • acts as a specialist in the rehabilitation of ex-offenders,
  • advocates the rights of ex-offenders and their loved ones, and
  • provides and develops support services.

We lobby legislators, produce information and participate in public discussion on the subject. We are especially working as a rehabilitation expert in the housing services, family work services and education and training of ex-offenders.

We provide legal advice and guidance to released ex-offenders and their loved ones. We ensure that the ex-offenders and their loved ones can access the services and benefits that they are entitled to during and after the sentence.

We provide both local and nationwide services. We are also constantly developing new services. We offer supported housing services to ex-offenders in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Our services in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area also include peer support activities.

We are members of Children of Prisoners Europe and FEANTSA.

Contact information

Krits Office
Kinaporinkatu 2 E 39
00500 Helsinki – Finland

CEO Sanna Sunikka
Tel. +358 40 5117 999