Krits – Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders

Krits is a non-governmental organisation that provides services to ex-offenders, their close ones, and professionals. It also acts nation-wide as an expert and activist in the field.

What is our aim?

Our mission is to support ex-offenders and their close ones by developing new types of services and supporting rehabilitation-oriented punishment and after-care systems. We also support other organisations and volunteers.

What do we do?

Our activities are divided into three areas: activities as an NGO, service provision and the provision of grants. We are a non-profit organization.

As an NGO we influence criminal policy and lobby decision-makers, and we also run local and national services and development projects that promote the rehabilitation of the target group. In Finland this line of work is mainly funded by profits from the state gambling monopoly.

We are contracted to provide housing support for released offenders and services for the Criminal Sanctions Agency. Krits provides homes for more than 80 people in the capital area. Finally, we distribute grants to smaller NGOs to promote our aims.

We also play a major role in promoting and coordinating nation-wide cooperation between organizations that provide support services to ex-offenders. Krits coordinates four national networks.

Contact information

Krits Office
Kinaporinkatu 2 E 39
00500 Helsinki – Finland

Tel. +358 9 7743 610

CEO Sanna Sunikka
Tel. +358 40 5117 999